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Catherine’s Corner: East Lake Park Expansion

Election day 2016 was quite memorable — some of you were most pleased with the outcome, others very disappointed. However, on November 8 in East Lake County, all the residents were winners! That is the day the Lake Board of County Commissioners voted to purchase 40 acres adjacent to the East Lake Park in order to expand our extremely popular facility. This is something positive your elected officials have done for the citizens of our area, and I am so pleased and excited that we will be able to improve the park.

I am sure many of you use the facility. During soccer season, it’s Friday night lights and jam packed. There must be hundreds of kids running down the field with tons of spectators along the sidelines clapping and cheering for the energetic participants.

On Saturdays, and at least one weekday night, the sound of “play ball” rings out after the players and fans have said the Pledge of Allegiance. America’s past time brings back memories for grandparents and invokes encouragement from parents. There’s nothing quite like the experience of baseball for a young kid. Cracking the bat and catching pop flies continues to make kids (of all ages) smile.

It is so important to have a community park that provides opportunities for us to get outside, enjoy ourselves and get moving. I am afraid we all spend too much time in front of some kind of screen (tv, computer, phone, etc.). When I was growing up, we left the house early and did not get back until dark (of course, I was helping my parents with our dairy — until the cows came home!). I am sure many of you experienced the same dose of the outdoors as you were playing ball, helping around the house, or on a wonderful pretend journey with your friends.

I encourage you to experience the park AND drop a note or email to let the Lake County Commissioners know how much you appreciate their efforts to expand and improve the park for all generations. After all, it’s just as easy to show appreciation as it is criticism! Be positive — it feels so much better.

I hope to see you at the park!

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